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Communications Cabling

Communications Cabling

Designing and installing reliable internet and low-voltage cabling solutions for your business.

We Help Business Owners Build, Manage and Maintain Communications Cabling Systems That Help Them Maximize Bandwidth & Network Speed, and Achieve Reliable Connectivity.

Structured cabling is the backbone of a communication system. It ensures that the data bandwidth and speed needs of a business are successfully met. It’s much needed to prepare an IT network for future growth and optimum performance. With communications cabling, data transfer, decision-making speed, productivity and security, all can be dramatically improved.

In order to achieve all these benefits and ensure reliable connectivity, it’s crucial that your structured cabling system is well-designed, strategically-built and implemented correctly. And this is where we come in.

Specializing in communications cabling, at Total Network Designs, we have the experience, expertise and the equipment to create future-proof and growth-driven IT infrastructure for your business with structured cabling. Our customized communications cabling solutions can accommodate a variety of user applications like security systems, building automation, and audio & visual systems.

We can provide you with structured cabling solutions that are up there with the best in terms of performance, reliable in connectivity, easy to manage and can be easily scale. All systems that we offer to our clients are dependable and robust. They are built using proven designs and with top quality products from industry leading manufacturers; and installed in compliance with highest industry standards for maximum output and performance.

We have successfully implemented large-scale solutions in different environments across industries, we can help you too. Call us at (502) 242-3201 to discuss communication cabling needs, and we’ll provide you with the best solution that fits your business needs and helps achieve your goals.

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Communication Cabling

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